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With over 30 yrs service of experience we have the resources, expertise and creative talent to provide a committed satisfaction to provide health care of high quality, and this includes ensuring that your stay in hospital is as comfortable as possible.

The catering department will provide you with a nutritionally balanced menu, serving food promptly and cheerfully to meet the majority of your needs The Standard that you can expect during your stay with us are:

  • To provide a high quality service, with a nutritionally balanced menu, this is produced in a safe environment.
  • To allow you to choose each meal as to match the size and content of the meal to your appetite.
  • Special dietary requirement as per the assessment.
  • We cook the meals with the high diet restrictions.
  • We serve the meals to you as soon as possible so that can be fresh by using the RTS trolleys.
  • Our menus developed with our Dietitians so that you always get the right food.
  • Our menus will offer foods which have been prepared in ways which respect your cultural needs or religious beliefs.
  • We will make meal times as comfortable as possible. So to keep other activities in the wards to a minimum so that you can enjoy your meal in peace.
The Menu

We offer 3 meals a day plus a snack in the evening. The breakfast items are available on the ward and you can make a selection. Lunch and dinner is a 3 course meal with the option to choose salad or a hot main course, followed by a dessert or fresh fruit. You can select a larger or smaller portion size depending on your appetite. Wherever possible we will provide a daily menu card for patients to choose their meal.

To reflect the different requirements of patients the menu has been developed to provide you with a wide choice of dishes to meet your dietary needs. The dishes are also coded to help you choose from the menu, with symbols against certain dishes.

Hospital is providing to the patient healthier choice have varying dietary needs that is our aim.

We also provide menus to meet specific needs. This includes:

Children's menu - children in hospital are able to choose from the normal menu or a specific children's menu which is available.

Your meal will be attractively presented and will reflect the choice you have made. If we have been unable to supply the meal of your choice you will be provided with an explanation of the reason why.

We know that you have a choice and we want you to feel confident that we will meet all your needs. Our customer is always our number one priority.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide any type of service that you could need.