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Here you can learn more about the latest technological advances practised at each department in Al Zahra, the gamut of services offered and the doctors specialising in each department.

Orthopaedics & Physiotherapy

Perhaps one of the busiest in the hospital, this department offers coverage for all kinds of traumatic and non-traumatic orthopaedic problems - be it surgery for fracture fixation, spinal procedures for disc problems, or total joint replacement operations. Modern equipment is available for arthroscopic surgery and the entire range of arthroscopic procedures for the knee, shoulder and ankle is offered. The surgeons also have a special interest in sports-related injuries that include the arthroscopic repair of ligaments such as the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee.

In addition to hips and knees, the department's total joint replacement programme has expanded to include the shoulder joints with excellent results. The UAE's first recipient of bilateral total shoulder replacements, performed at Al Zahra, has successfully regained the use of both her arms.

The treatment of spinal and disc problems is a special feature of the department. Microdiscectomies - the removal or repair of intervertebral discs through tiny incisions - are performed on a regular basis.

In addition, laser techniques are planned to be introduced in the very near future.

Qualified and experienced physiotherapists provide adjunct physical therapy. The department is equipped with diathermy, ultrasonic, interferential and laser devices to manage orthopaedic as well as medical conditions. It also houses a fully fitted gymnasium.

Besides treating musculo-skeletal problems, the physiotherapists also undertake the assessment and rehabilitation of stroke victims, respiratory disorders, and the formulation of exercise programmes.

The scope of physiotherapy services are as follows

1. Musculoskeletal

  • Pain relief
  • Post op rehabilitation

2. Cardiopulminary rehabilitation

  • Respiratory-post -operative cardiothoracic Rehab

3. Paediatric rehabilitation
4. Neuro rehabilitation
5. Uro - Gynae rehabilitation
6. Geriatric rehabilitation
7. Lymph- edema Therapy

Manual lymphedema therapy by female physio