Dr. El Zaqui Ladha

Designation:Consultant, General Surgery

Dr. El Zaqui Ladha, who completed his entire medical education at the University of Louvain in Brussels, has been practising surgery since 1991. He worked in France for ten years before moving to the Middle East and was ranked among the busiest surgeons in France. Dr. Ladha has been serving in Oman for the last 10 years.

He is one of the founder members of the Gulf Obesity and Metabolic Surgical Society (GOSS), which has Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia as its members.

His major interest lies in advanced laparoscopy, where he acquired high-end skills in laparoscopic bile duct surgeries, colectomies for cancer and benign disease of the colon, as also in other classic surgeries such as appendectomies, hernia repair, hiatal hernia and gallbladder surgery. 

In addition to this, Dr. Ladha is an expert in thyroid surgeries and has served on the consulting panel on thyroid care at the famous Hospital Saint-Luc in Brussels.

He started surgeries for morbid obesity in 1997. He started with the gastric band and then moved to gastric bypass. With time, he added sleeve gastrectomy and gastric plication as well, offering a comprehensive system of bariatric surgery.

Dr. Ladha has successfully conducted more than 2000 bariatric surgeries. Obesity is perceived as a grave public health issue in the UAE owing to its links to diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac disease and more. Hence in cases of morbid obesity, bariatric surgery might be an option to be considered if advised by the clinician. 

Dr. Ladha has experience in breast surgeries and is skilled in laser surgeries for hemorrhoids, anal fistulas, pilonidal sinuses etc.

Dr. Ladha speaks English, French, Hindi and Spanish.