Dr. Najat Amharar

Designation:Specialist, General Surgery

Dr. Najat got her MD in General Surgery specialization completed in 2013, and has Diplomas in Trauma Surgery & Hepatobiliary Surgery.
Her general medical studies was finalized in 2008 with a medical thesis in Blunt Splenic Trauma (2013).

Dr. Najat has extensive experience in various government hospitals in Saint Junien, Montbrison, Agen & Bayeux, France. She has a 2.5-year fellowship as specialist in digestive surgery in Lille, France (Catholic University Hospital.

Dr. Najt's Laparoscopic skills developed throughout a 5-years residency in digestive surgery. She is a member of the French board of surgeons (2014) and is GMC certified (2017).

Dr. Najat speaks French and English.

Her area of expertise are:

• General Surgery

• Trauma Surgery and Hepatobiliary Surgery


• Fellowship as specialist in digestive surgery in Lille, France

• Member of the French board of surgeons (2014) 

• GMC certified (2017)