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Dr. Edgard Edmond Irany

Dr. Edgard Edmond Irany

Dentistry, Orthodontics, Dental Implantology & Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery
Specialist Orthodontics
Education & Fellowship
DDS, DUO, CES (FRANCE) Orthodontics, preventive pedodontics.


After completing his doctor in dental surgery degree from the Lebanese University in Beirut (1998), he travelled to Bordeaux (France) to get specialized in orthodontics and preventive paediatric dentistry (1999-2003). Then he returned to Beirut to establish his private practice exclusively dedicated to orthodontics (2003 - 2006). In 2007 he started visiting the UAE as a consultant visiting orthodontist at Al Zahra. Until this day he maintains his private practice in down-town Beirut and in Al Zahra Sharjah & Dubai. In 2009 he received the Best Orthodontist award in the MENA region for his excellent results. In 2010 he was awarded the MENA Award again as Best Orthodontist for the second year in a Row by the emirates medical association dental division confirming his status as a leading orthodontist in the region.

Work Experience:

After 3 years of orthodontic training at the University Hospital of Bordeaux in France. Dr. Edgard started his private practice in Beirut in 2003 and started visiting the UAE in 2007 on monthly basis where he managed to acquire the same reputation in the UAE. Is the one he acquired in Lebanon for the excellent quality of his treatments and his work with invisible treatments (Lingual Braces). He was the first to work with mini-implants for orthodontic Incharge in Lebanon in 2003 and the first to use CAD/CAM technology in orthodontics in 2009.

Language Spoken:

Arabic, English, French & Spanish