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Description : American Board Certification/FRCR or equivalent western qualification with at least seven (7) years clinical experience after the highest degree. Candidates with DHA (Dubai Health Authority) or MOH (Ministry of Health – Sharjah) license are preferred.



The candidate must possess American Board Certification/UK Board/Fachartz or equivalent western qualification with at least ten (10) years clinical experience after the highest degree.



* Provide safe, direct patient care utilizing the nursing process in the ambulatory setting * Patient care assignment may include; Neonate, Pediatric, Adolescent, Adult and Geriatric age groups * With MOH Registration or License



Description :
PURCHASE AND INVENTORY 1 System & Manual Verifications and full control over the LPO's of Engineering, Stores, Pharmacy, Marketing etc.
2 Mangement of Oracle ERP Inventory and Purchase transactions.
3 Supervision of all accounting entries related to Inventory & Purchase and preparing rectification or adjustment journals.
4 Scrutiny of all purchase requests and quotations from Marketing and recommending for approvals.
5 Scrutiny of the purchases of stock and non-stock items for competitive rates before sending for management approval. 6 2nd level approval and control on stock issues to various departments from general stores.
7 Check and approve LPOs from Stores, Pharmacy, Engineering and Marketing-System and Manual, before sending for signature of authorized signatories.
8 Liaison with auditors in connection with their audit for areas related to Inventory and Consumption.
9 Ensuring Inventory Controls.

1 Arranging for Bank Confirmations for all bank accounts for Auditors as and when required.
2 Approved bank reconciliation statements (including supporting details and subsequent clearance for significant reconciling items) for all the bank accounts whenever required with the listed details:
3 Bank statements as at year end for the entire bank showing closing balance as at the period end.

1 Prepare journal vouchers for the monthly accounts
2 Scrutiny of share calculations for visiting doctors
3 Scrutiny of share calculations for referral doctors
4 Scrutiny of Monthly accounts before releasing
5 Check petty cash payments before disbursement.

1 Listing of accounts receivables and retention receivable monthly which should agree to the year end trail balance.
2 Arranging for balance confirmation when required for auditors.
3 An ageing analysis of outstanding customer wise accounts receivable balances monthly (debit and credit balances segregated) together with a statement showing the provision created against each old balance due.
The ageing analysis schedule should consist of outstanding accounts receivable balances aged preferably into "less than 30 days", "30-60 days", "60-90 days", "90-120 days", "120-180 days", "180-360 days", "more than a year" and "more than two years" buckets.
4 Confirmation from debtors selected for circularization at the year end date. Reconciliations to be provided where balance confirmed does not agree to the listing / trial balance, with full explanations for all reconciling items during audit.
5 A schedule showing movements of accounts receivable provision made during the year for audit purposes. (opening balance + provision for the year - written off during the year = closing balance of provision)
6 List of customers included in the allowance for doubtful accounts monthly.
8 Listing of receivables due from affiliated companies, group companies and shareholders which are contained in accounts receivable monthly.
9 Details of Unbilled revenue

Bachelor of Accountancy with qualifications Preferably Male Candidate not more than 30 years old With hospital experience in UAE or GCC